Why Applied Improvisation?

Improv is a fantastic way to learn and be spontaneous. We are passionate about working together with you to accomplish the skills you want to acquire.

Applied improvisation is taking the skills, ideas, concepts, and techniques from the world of improvisation and using them in non-theatrical settings; to business, relationships, and life.

Participants engage in exercises and, through experiential learning, are inspired and learn skills that may result in personal development, team building, creativity, and innovation.

The focus is not on building comedy but on learning these skills, enjoying ourselves, and laughing along the way.


Sarah McGillion

Sarah McGillion is the director and owner of Inconspicuous. She is an actress, improviser, coach, consultant, teacher, computer scientist, and business owner. She has a background in theatre since the age of 4 and a Masters' degree in Artificial Intelligence.

Sarah is an expert facilitator with experience teaching students and leadership groups from a wide variety of backgrounds. She is a member of the Applied Improvisation Network, an international organization dedicated to training applied improv facilitators using the latest research and techniques.